Thursday, January 22, 2015

We are off to Oahu HI

2014 has been a very trying year. With all it's up's and down's, we wanted to start 2015 off with a much deserved exotic destination. I take and sell stock photography, and wanted to travel through ASIA to capture some amazing images to add to my stock library. After a lot of homework we realized we need more time in order to do that area properly.
Change of plans we are now heading to Waikiki for 5 weeks. My sister in law will be joining us for 3+ weeks and the shorter flight helps us make up our mind on picking a destination.SO excited to see this.
Hiking, snorkelling, warmth and sunshine....all very welcome parts of this years work/rejuvenation month.

Catch up with what we are doing Our Facebook page or on my Stock Photography Facebook page. Or for my best images, you will catch them on my portfolio pageDebbie Prediger Photography.

Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment, it helps me to know that someone is following what I do.

On the road again!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Banff once again

I was honoured to be able to go back to Banff for an ward ceremony held at the Banff Springs Hotel. (which is called a castle...its amazing) While in Banff I got a few chances to photograph the area. check some of the images here.Banff National Park in November

Saturday, November 15, 2014

looking back through old images

I love to take photos (ok I am obsessed with capturing every moment) and love to go back and relive the trips we've taken. I though its time to share some of those trips and highlights with others. Thus, starting this blog. I am hoping that you love our adventures as much as we did. Please let us know! We love to hear back from others.
Its going to take us some time to go through 30 years of photos and post some interesting shots, so bare with us. We have travelled to many places, and have many many more on our bucket list.  Here are a few links to get started with. Hope you come back often to browse.
a few landscapes
Costa Rica 2014
Vancouver in spring time
Quick trip to Nicaragua 2013
More Costa Rica 2013
ABQ New Mexico Balloon Festival
Banff Canada
Sheep Hunting Canada Rockies
Jasper National Park Canada
Banff Springs Hotel and area Canada
Quick stop over London Ontario
Victoria Falls from Air. Zambia Africa
Jasper National Park Drive through 2012
Sledding in the Canada Mountains
Our own private beach house Mexico 2011
Kauai Hawaii 2012 travel with broken leg
African Wildlife photos
Fun on our travels
Home sweet Home: Alberta Landscapes
Australia Sights
Maui Hawaii
If you aren't sick of looking. Click here to see more interesting photos

always take the road less traveled and make your own path!